Asda #2!

Today Saturn class went to Asda to buy some supplies for Henry bear’s birthday party tomorrow! The children were very excited to go to the shops and really enjoyed the minibus journey! When we arrived the children were each given a clipboard, pen and shopping list of items to find. They walked around the shop with their group leaders to find the items on their lists. They were really good at looking at the numbers on the price tags and searching for their phonic sounds on food labels.

The children were very helpful to their group leaders and took it in turns to assist in pushing the trolley and then scanning and paying for their items.

The children had a lovely time and are very excited about the party tomorrow afternoon!

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Venus class visited Asda this morning. They all had a shopping list which they had to use to find the items they needed.  They read the signs and used their number skills to find out how much things were and how much money they had left. The children were very well behaved and we look forward to the party on Friday.

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We’re going on a bear hunt!

A few weeks ago the children were very surprised to find a trail of muddy footprints going through the classroom!


The children spent a long time thinking about what could have made the footprints. The children then received a video message by email from a bear, apologising for leaving muddy footprints in their classroom. He told the children he was only looking for friends! Some of the children thought the bear was a bit scary but when we talked about how he was feeling, we decided that we would quite like to be his friend


The children were very kind and decided that we needed to find the bear and be friends with it! The children spent a lot of time re-telling the bear hunt story and practicing all of the actions. We decided that we should go on our own bear hunt to find the bear and after looking on Google maps, the children decided that we may find the bear at Bidbury park because of all the trees and bushes to hide under.

The children were very excited to go on their first trip hunting for a bear. They were very well behaved following instructions and listening. The children drew maps of the order of the story. We used these maps to follow the pictures to the cave. When both classes reached the cave they each found a bear and a letter from him.

Saturn class have decided to name their bear Henry and Venus class have named their bear Harry. The children will each have a chance to bring the bear home for the weekend and write about all of their exciting adventures that they have together!



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Blackberry Crumble!

On Thursday the children went blackberry picking! They picked the blackberries carefully without touching the prickles and put them in a bowl. On Friday we decided to make crumble with the blackberries! The children helped to wash the blackberries, peel and chop the apples, and measure out the ingredients. Then the children made the crumble and some of them delivered it to Ali in the kitchen! The children were later given the opportunity to try the crumble at the end of the day! We had a lovely discussion about how the crumble smelled and tasted.


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A quick reminder…

Just a little reminder for everyone about tomorrow (Friday 14th September). All of the children will be coming in at the same time (8:45am) and will be staying for lunch. The children will self register in the morning and will place their names up on the wall to tell us what they would like to eat. The red section is the meat option and green section is the vegetarian option. If the children would like a packed lunch from home or a school packed lunch then they can stick their name on the pink section (we will do this with them one at a time!!) The children will all be going home after lunch at 12:45pm.

It might be worth having a look at the menu with your child and discussing what they would like before tomorrow. new

On Monday (17th September), the children in Group 1 (children born between September 2013 and February 2014) will be staying at school all day (8:45-3:15) and the children in Group 2 (children born between March 2014 and August 2014) will be going home after lunch (8:45-12:45). On Tuesday (18th) all of the children will be attending school full time for the whole day!

We are all very impressed with how well the children have settled into Year R! We will be uploading a blog post very soon with lots of lovely photos from their first week in Reception!

Many thanks,

The Foundation Stage Team.



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Water Day!

Yesterday the children took part in a water day! They started the day by thinking of and writing down some rules for the water day (the most important of which being don’t splash the teachers!!). Then each class took it in turns to spend a few hours outside having lots of fun in the paddling pool. The children even got to experiment with capacity by pouring and transporting the water into the containers and pipes!

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Sports fun

The children were excited this morning for their first sports day. They showed great enthusiasm, determination and skill when completing their activities. They started with the field events, javelin, throwing, long jump and the obstacle course. Then they participated in three races, a sprint, an egg and spoon race and finally the relay race. Well done to St. Patrick’s who won.

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