Water Day!

Yesterday the children took part in a water day! They started the day by thinking of and writing down some rules for the water day (the most important of which being don’t splash the teachers!!). Then each class took it in turns to spend a few hours outside having lots of fun in the paddling pool. The children even got to experiment with capacity by pouring and transporting the water into the containers and pipes!

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Sports fun

The children were excited this morning for their first sports day. They showed great enthusiasm, determination and skill when completing their activities. They started with the field events, javelin, throwing, long jump and the obstacle course. Then they participated in three races, a sprint, an egg and spoon race and finally the relay race. Well done to St. Patrick’s who won.

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Ahoy there!

Yesterday the children took part in pirate day to end our pirate themed topic! The children came into school dressed as pirates and enjoyed a day full of pirate themed activities such as eye patch making, drawing and labelling treasure maps, and even decorating some pirate biscuits! At the end of the day we held a pirate feast where the children ate their pirate biscuit and listened to a pirate themed story together!

At the end of the day the children went into the hall to sing some sea shanties to their grown ups before enjoying a stay and play session. The children had an amazing day and looked brilliant in their costumes!


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Farm Trip!

Today the children visited Longdown Dairy Farm! They had a wonderful time looking at and learning about all of the animals! They were able to hold some baby chicks and a baby Guinea pig (a pup!). Then the children saw some piglets and calves and then fed the goats. Then the children went to see the kids and fed them with a bottle of milk. Before lunch the children washed their hands very carefully and checked them with the ‘germinator’ to make sure they were clean!
We ended the day by having a play in the park and then one last look at some of the animals before heading back to school in the coach.
The children were all very well behaved and we had an amazing day!



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A Trip to the Post Office!

This week the children have been learning about how we can write and send letters to people. At the beginning of the week we changed the role play area into a Post Office and the children had great fun pretending to be Postmen and women and writing/delivering letters to one another.

We thought that it would be nice if the children had the opportunity to write a letter home to say thank you for their Christmas presents! The children really enjoyed writing their letters and were very excited to post them! On Wednesday we walked down to the Post Office and the children posted their letters in the letter box. They had a lovely time walking down there and were very excited to see when their letters would arrive!

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The Christmas Party!

Yesterday afternoon the children had their Christmas party! After lunch the children changed into their party clothes and went into the hall for some party food and music! After they had finished their food, the children went back into the classroom for some fun and party games! We played pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and had a best dancer competition. The children all had an amazing time together!

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Today the children had their visit to Keydell’s nursery! They had an amazing time walking through Santa’s woodland walk where they saw some model penguins, polar bears, and even some real Reindeer, Donkeys, and Goats! We were all very impressed by how well the children behaved and they all had an fantastic time!

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