A quick reminder…

Just a little reminder for everyone about tomorrow (Friday 14th September). All of the children will be coming in at the same time (8:45am) and will be staying for lunch. The children will self register in the morning and will place their names up on the wall to tell us what they would like to eat. The red section is the meat option and green section is the vegetarian option. If the children would like a packed lunch from home or a school packed lunch then they can stick their name on the pink section (we will do this with them one at a time!!) The children will all be going home after lunch at 12:45pm.

It might be worth having a look at the menu with your child and discussing what they would like before tomorrow. new

On Monday (17th September), the children in Group 1 (children born between September 2013 and February 2014) will be staying at school all day (8:45-3:15) and the children in Group 2 (children born between March 2014 and August 2014) will be going home after lunch (8:45-12:45). On Tuesday (18th) all of the children will be attending school full time for the whole day!

We are all very impressed with how well the children have settled into Year R! We will be uploading a blog post very soon with lots of lovely photos from their first week in Reception!

Many thanks,

The Foundation Stage Team.



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