Shape Walk

Last week we were learning about 2D shapes in number crunch. We decided to go on a shape hunt around the school. The children were brilliant at finding the shapes around the school and even told us the names of the shapes that they found and discussed some of their properties!


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Firework Dancing!

Today lots of the the children came into school telling us about all of the lovely fireworks they had seen last week at school and over the weekend! Because of this, we decided to have a fireworks themed P.E lesson! The children thought of all the different sounds they had heard the fireworks making, these are some of the sounds they came up with; Bang!!, wheee!, crackle crackle, fffffff!, and whoosh!

The children were then given a ribbon each and were told to think of an action to go with each sound. We then finished the lesson by performing our very own fireworks display dance!



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Pumpkin Soup!

Last week the children had some Pumpkins in their classroom as a part of Pumpkin week! Because of this we decided to read the Pumpkin soup story. After reading the story we thought it would be a great idea to make some of our own Pumpkin soup!

The children quickly got to work peeling, slicing and cutting up the pumpkin and some other vegetables for the soup. The children helped to mix all of the ingredients together in a pot and Mrs Benn put it on the stove to cook!

In the afternoon the children gathered together on the carpet to try some. We spoke a bit about what we thought it would taste like, smell like and look like and then brought the soup out to the children to try. The children were very good at trying the soup and some of them really liked it and drank the whole lot!



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This week in R.E, as a part of the Prayers, Saints and Feasts unit, the children were learning about weddings. We began with a class discussion about weddings and then we read ‘The Wedding at Cana’ from the Bible. After reading this Mrs Silk performed the miracle of turning water into wine (blackcurrant juice!!).

Then Archie and Havana pretended to be our Bride and Groom and Thomas pretended to be our Priest! We had a pretend ceremony and then finished off with a celebration feast of biscuits and ‘wine’!

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Learning about balance!

In P.E this week the children were learning about different kinds of balance. They all experimented with different ways of balancing and even had the opportunity to share their favourite balance with the rest of the class! Both myself and Mrs Silk were very impressed with their efforts!!


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Ugly Bug Ball!

To round off our mini-beast topic we decided to have an Ugly Bug Ball! The children came into school looking fabulous in their costumes and enjoyed spending the day as their favourite mini-beast!

After lunch the children listened to some stories about mini-beasts and then it was time to go to the ball! The children were brilliant at playing their instruments and singing the ‘Ugly Bug’ song as they paraded around the hall and especially enjoyed singing the ‘Worm at the bottom of my garden’ song!



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Today the children had a special visitor from ZooLab who came in to show them some exciting creatures and mini beasts! The children met a Giant African Land Snail called Alan, a Tarantula called Tilly, a Cockroach called Cuthbert, and a Corn Snake called Saturn (much to the children’s delight!). The children were given the opportunity to get a close look at these creatures and some of the children were even brave enough to handle them!

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