A Trip to the Post Office!

This week the children have been learning about how we can write and send letters to people. At the beginning of the week we changed the role play area into a Post Office and the children had great fun pretending to be Postmen and women and writing/delivering letters to one another.

We thought that it would be nice if the children had the opportunity to write a letter home to say thank you for their Christmas presents! The children really enjoyed writing their letters and were very excited to post them! On Wednesday we walked down to the Post Office and the children posted their letters in the letter box. They had a lovely time walking down there and were very excited to see when their letters would arrive!

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The Christmas Party!

Yesterday afternoon the children had their Christmas party! After lunch the children changed into their party clothes and went into the hall for some party food and music! After they had finished their food, the children went back into the classroom for some fun and party games! We played pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and had a best dancer competition. The children all had an amazing time together!

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Today the children had their visit to Keydell’s nursery! They had an amazing time walking through Santa’s woodland walk where they saw some model penguins, polar bears, and even some real Reindeer, Donkeys, and Goats! We were all very impressed by how well the children behaved and they all had an fantastic time!

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An Icy Day at School!

This morning the children had a wonderful surprise when they stepped outside – there was ice everywhere!! The children hunted around the garden to find all of the ice. They found some in the tuff trays, in the water trays, and even in some of the tyres!

They also found some patches of frost on the grass and some of the equipment which they discovered they could write on with their fingers!

The children experimented with the ice all morning watching it melt and break, some children decided to bring some inside to see what would happen to it whilst others set up an arctic small world area complete with polar bears and killer whales!

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Tesco and the Party!

When the children found out that our class mascots Jimmy and Flower were going to have a birthday party, the children were very excited!

We began to think about what we might need for their party and where we would get it all from. The children agreed that we would need to go to the shops to buy the food and drink for the party so we decided to go to Tesco’s.

The children really enjoyed their trip to Tesco! They all had a tour of Tesco’s where they were able to go behind the scenes in the bakery to see how the bread was made for our party sandwiches! The children were also allowed to handle some fish and try some cheese!



On Friday the children got to make some jam sandwiches ready for the party in the afternoon!

The children had a wonderful time at the party where we played several games, including; musical bumps, musical statues and the best dancer competition! After some party games the children took Jimmy and Flower to watch the KS1 Nativity as a treat! The children then had some party food and drink to finish of the party!


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Children in Need 2017

On Children in Need day, the children all got a big surprise when a very special visitor arrived at school…  It was Pudsey Bear! The children were all very excited to meet him and had the opportunity to give Pudsey a hug or a wave hello!

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Shape Walk

Last week we were learning about 2D shapes in number crunch. We decided to go on a shape hunt around the school. The children were brilliant at finding the shapes around the school and even told us the names of the shapes that they found and discussed some of their properties!


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