Mini beast hunt!

This week the children went on their very first school trip to Bidbury Park! The children were very excited when they arrived at school! Once they had put on their coats and wellies, we discussed our golden rules for the trip and how we could stay safe during our journey. Soon it was time to go!

When the children arrived at the park they broke off into their groups to hunt for some mini-beasts! The children had a fabulous time exploring the park and discovered a great variety of mini beasts including; Spiders, Slugs, Woodlice, Ants, Caterpillars, Worms, Grasshoppers, Flies and even a Dragonfly! The children were even able to spot some signs of Autumn during the hunt.

After the mini beast hunt was over the children were able to play in the play park for a little while before heading back to school which they thoroughly enjoyed!

All of the staff were completely blown away by how sensible and well behaved the children were – Well Done Reception!! Also a big thank you to everyone who was able to help!

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Getting Active!

Today we all got changed for the first time for our P.E. lesson.  We learnt all about different types of jumps and how to land safely when jumping.

Today was our first day of our new mini topic – Mini-beasts. Last week all the children voted on what they wanted to learn about.  We started today by hunting for mini-beasts, we found woodlice, worms and spiders.

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Creation Walk!

Today the children had their very first R.E lesson and learned about how God created the world. After reading the story of God’s Creation together, the children went on a walk around the school to see for themselves the many creatures and plants which God created! The children had a great time and discovered many lovely things on their walk (including A LOT of slugs!!!). When we returned to the classroom, the children enjoyed looking back through these photos and discussing what they had found!

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Fabulous First Day!

The children have had an amazing first day at school! It was really lovely to see so many smiling and excited faces this morning!

The children came into school really well and were shown where to put all of their belongings. After doing the register and reading a story the children enjoyed a morning of action packed discovery time before returning to the carpet to have some key person time.

The children thoroughly enjoyed talking to us about their chatter boxes – unfortunately there wasn’t time to see all of them so we will do a few each day over the week!

We would like to say a big thank you and well done to all of the children for being such superstars today! We are all looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow morning!

The EYFS Team. x


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Whiz Pop Bang!

Today the children had a really fun day of exploring and conducting science experiments! The children watched a crazy fizz explosion of cola and mentos. We talked about the word ‘reaction’ and the children wrote about their favourite experiment. Other experiments included; making bubble gum slime, making kinetic sand, making rainbow rain clouds and much much more! Take a look at the pictures below to find out about the day!

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Food tasting and pizza making!

Over the last few weeks the children have been learning about food from different countries. They have tasted food from India and some exotic fruits such as passion fruit, mango and pomegranate which they used to make a fruit salad.

This week the children have learnt about pizzas which come from Italy. The children made their own pizza

and decided which topping they would like! We hope they enjoyed eating them as much as they enjoyed making them!

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The children all had such a wonderful time at their very first school disco yesterday! As the children made their way down to the school hall they were all so excited when they could hear the sound of their favourite songs playing! As soon as they arrived they were all straight on the dance floor to boogie with their friends and teachers!


After a lot of dancing the children were thankful for a quick break with some juice and crisps before they hit the dance floor again!




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